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Vaz's Journal

Everything Random!

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VazDrae Marcus Fox, or DJ, was born on September 3rd 1993, in Madison, Wisconsin. He is currently growing up in Black Earth, WI with his mother, a teachers Aid, his Father, excavating, and his younger brother. Vaz currently attends Wisconsin Heights High as a sophomore. Vaz was on the football team back in 6th grade and hasn't done any extra-curricular activities since.

Vaz first got into computers when his mother bought an NEC computer back in the mid-90s with Windows 95 and dail-up internet. Vaz would mostly play games on it, but would also fiddle around with the system. Vaz's first computer was a Packerd Bell with Windows 95. Later he got his mom's old computer with Windows ME, but had to install a Ethernet card into it to use the internet, that is when he started getting into computer hardware. Later he received his grandma's computer she didn't want. Vaz upgraded the RAM and was able to use it. Vaz's current computer came next. He bought all the parts online and assembled his own computer.

Vaz currently works for his uncle. And had bought many things, mainly electronics and such.

He currently has a driver's permit and is going to take the test in Nov. of 09, and hopes he passes! =3

As of right now, Vaz does not want to date, or be married. He plans to move out of the US to either Melbourne, Australia or Tokyo, Japan when he can.