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Vaz's Journal

Everything Random!

I have a Job!
vazdrae fox
This may not be new to me, but to LiveJournal it is. Yes, indeed i have not posted much on LiveJournal here, but i think i should start. So anyways, about a month and a half ago i got my first job. Its sorta a coincident really. I'm not much of a novel reader myself and i always hated having to read books back in Elementary, or having to read any book that someone forces me to read, but i work at a Library. Strange eh? So, i now work at a small Library in the town of Black Earth, WI. I only work 4 hours every week, and get $7.50 and hour... but hey, its better than nothing i  say. And since im only 16, its not too bad. But they told me my pay will start going up, and i will get more hours soon, so that is good.
So their we go, a nicer... more full LIveJournal entry...